Kalipso File Extension Description

  Kalipso General

All the files have a purpose, all extensions description as it follows:

  • .KPR       Kalipso Compiled Project
  • .KPE       Kalipso Project Exportation from Designer to Simulator
  • .KDB      Kalipso Data Base
  • .KIM       Kalipso Images
  • .KDD      Kalipso Driver Defenition
  • .KDF       Kalipso Data File (Para el KDriver integrar)
  • .KDR      KDriver (The file will be  KDriver Project.KDR that indicates the project sincronizes KDriver)
  • .KZP       Kalipso Ziped Project (For project update/install)
  • .KPV       Kalipso Project Version
  • .KCT       Kalipso Context
  • .KTC       Kalipso Training Context
  • .KCU      Kalipso Context With USW
  • .KSA       Kalipso speaker adaptation profile
  • .KEA       Kalipso environment accoustic model
  • .KEF       Kalipso environment feature extractor
  • .TSA       Temporary Kalipso speaker adaptation profile
  • .TEA       Temporary Kalipso environment accoustic model
  • .TEF       Temporary Kalipso environment feature extractor
  • .KUD      Kalipso user word dictionary profile